What is ERP SelMatic Plus?

Software for planning, organization and management of the resources and business processes in the trade companies.

The integrated ERP system SelMatic Plus has rich functionality: delivery; production; logistics; management of stock availabilities; services and goods sales; customer and supplier relationships management; business intelligence.


Who is ERP SelMatic Plus designed for?   

ERP SelMatic Plus is a system suitable for chains, building hypermarkets, medium and small trade companies. It is also successfully used by production companies to secure the entire logistic for supplying with materials and realization of the ready products. Organizations working with regional representatives and mobile dealers also prefer ERP SelMatic Plus.


What are the advantages of ERP SelMatic Plus?

Personalization – flexible ERP system that adapts to your business needs saves time and resources through the possibility for additional software scripts.

Integration with POS and CRM applications from SelMatic family gives you a fully working solution

Additional modules – SelMatic Plus is ERP system on which we can build various functionalities, the platform grows together with the progress of your business.




SelMatic Plus Analyses – the newest application from the SelMatic™ family

SelMatic Plus Analyses is the newest supplement to our business software solutions.
The application is part of Budget and Analyses module and gives possibility for inteligents business analyses based on pivot table principle.